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A Grimm and Yet Redemptive Story, By Kate Wilson

Editor's note: Poetry doesn't have to rhyme, but sometimes it's fun when it does. Case in point with "Grimm and Yet Redemptive Story." Yet, in the midst of all of this cozy rhyming is a sad and intriguing tale.

D'you know of the wee one,
The small, lonely she-one
Who wanders from seashore to plain?
Who taps on the window
And raps at the glass
And presses her hand to the pane?

I'll tell you her tale now,
Of how she grows frail now;
If you will sit still, I'll explain.
Perhaps, too, we'll see her,
Or hear her soft step
Outside, in the dark, in the rain.

Oh, don't think to fear her.
It's luck to be near her--
She means us no harm with her quest.
She creeps through the night, now,
Bereft and forlorn.
She peers into homes; she can't rest.

And why does she do that?
I'm saying to you that
Her story is tragic at best.
She can't stop her journey.
She's driven, you see,
To roam north and south, east and west.

She's old as the sea and
She's fade…

The Big, Bad Wolf, By Liz Colter

Editor's note: A little cross-dressing never hurts in fairy tales. I mean, Puss is in boots, isn't he? That's species cross dressing. And here, we have a wolf and a hunter who both like fine fabrics. Liz Colter offers a fun tale with a few twists.

bigail made her announcement at dinner.

“My granddaughter, Liese, will be coming to visit this weekend. I’m afraid I must ask that you all find other diversions for a few days.”

The pronouncement was met with murmurs and oh’s, and at least one “of course” from the current smattering of painters and poets staying with Abigail. The house would feel quite empty once they all left; her home in the Vienna Woods was such an ideal setting for the artistic soul that Abigail couldn’t remember the last time she had been alone.

Messages were sent over the next two days and carriages came and went, ferrying her guests to their next retreat or inspirational destination. By Friday evening only Gino remained.

“I thought the Aumbreges were givi…