March 8, 2013

I Won't be Seeing the New Oz Movie

Here's a great essay that discusses Oz the Great and Powerful at length. My decision not to see the movie has nothing to do with the article I've linked to. I just think the essay is provocative.

But I deplore movies that are too heavy on special effects, and this seems chock full.

If you have seen the movie, please let me know what you think in the comments. If you aren't going to see it, please let us know why.

In the meantime, here are some lovely Oz book illustrations. And don't forget, the Wizard of Oz had many book sequels, most of which are great!

All images are by John. R. Neill.

Jack Pumpkinhead and the Sawhorse

Ozma and Dorothy

Scarecrow and Tin Man
Glinda, Dorothy and Ozma


  1. I was skipping it for the same reason you mentioned, it's all CGI whiz-bang F/X. The original succeeded because we cared about the characters. It didn't turn on outrageous overblown gee-whiz effects.

  2. I saw the trailer and was underwhelmed. I see very very few films anyway, so going to give this a miss. I think I'm too fond of a) the Baum books and b) Wicked (the musical, not the book--couldn't finish the book) to see this. Feels like backpedalling

  3. I haven't decided yet. I don't expect I'll watch it, for the same reason you mention here. Plus, there's an innocence to the original series that looks like it's been lost.

    BTW I wrote about this same topic not long ago, if you're interested:

  4. I wouldn't have survived childhood without L Frank Baum. I used to pray for the opportunity to go to Oz. I don't think I'll see the movie, either. I have my own memories of Oz. I don't need to see someone else's vision.

  5. I don't want to see it for both the overload of special effects, and the dumb trope that powerful women need a foretold man to save them. BUT I am going to see it on Wednesday because my mom really wants to see it for her birthday.

    I'm about to start Ozma of Oz, yay! I'm reading and blogging my way through Baum's 14 books.

  6. I loved the art from this piece. Whenever I think of anything related to Oz, I think of the original movie The Wizard of Oz. I particularly liked the picture of the scarecrow and tin man. Compared to the movie, this piece looks more like what the two would look like in reality. The movie is more modernized and it just looks like people in costume, given it was produced a very long time ago when colored film was just being produced. We didn’t have all of the special effects that were created in today’s society so we made do with what we could. This piece is truly magnificent as it captures that old timey feel of when the story first came to mind, and it gives you the sense of reality and what these two characters would have really looked like, skipping along the yellow brick road with Dorothy.

    Taylor B.