March 24, 2013

Guest Posts on Books and Movies

As March winds down (thank goodness), I am thinking about guest posting.I am very keen on guest posts about books or movies or music or art--any creative work. It's perfectly OK to write a post about fairy tales that also promotes a creative effort, including your own, but professional guest posts (for which the poster is paid by a third party) will not be published. Please see the submission guidelines for more information.

March  February winning entries will be posted this week. In the meantime, eye candy!

"The Magician's Cape," John Bauer

"Castle of Maidens," Edward Austin Abbey

"Flaming June," Edward Lord Leighton

"Merlin," Aubrey Beardsley

"Damsel of the Lake," Frank C. Cowper


  1. wondrous illustrations! Thank you for posting and brightening my cool spring day!

  2. Hard to take your eyes off that golden hair.