March 1, 2013

Beyond the Glass Slipper Debuts April 16

Dear Friends of EC,

Beyond the Glass Slipper, my first book, debuts in both electronic and paperback form on April 16. I can't wait!

World Weaver Press is publishing BGS, and I am thrilled to be working with them. The book features 10 fairy tales that most readers, even readers who know fairy tales well, have never encountered. Two, "King Pig" and The Nixy," may be a little familiar, but the rest were complete surprises to me until I started researching for the book.

Readers will encounter the usual witches and soldiers, but also a ghost and a vampire. And, since one of my reasons for writing the book was to show that fairy tales are often as much about men as women, readers will meet soldiers and princes (not just the cardboard kind) and a hunter. There's even a story by Hans Christian Andersen that features two toys that have a (sort of) romance.

Throughout, I raise questions and present information and ideas designed to inspire the classic reader, student and professional writers, even members of book clubs, to think about these 10 tales in all kinds of intriguing ways.

Once the book is out, EC will have some dedicated posts and promotions in a special spot designed for Beyond the Glass Slipper. I can't wait to share it all with you. Any EC visitors who have blogs or other venues to discuss the book are most welcome to contact me at

Yours in Enchantment,
Kate Wolford
Editor and Publisher of Enchanted Conversation
Author of Beyond the Glass Slipper: Ten Neglected Fairy Tales to Fall in Love With

PS: the March 2013 EC submission window has opened and will close at 11:59 p.m., EST, March 2.

I believe this image is called "Phosphatine," but that is all I know. -- KW


  1. I am looking forward to reading your book. The Nixy is one of my favorite stories to re-tell.

  2. I actually really like the HC Anderson story of the ball and the spinning top; it's really random feel the emotion!

  3. Sounds like this will be a fun read in addition to being a great textbook for a class about fairy tales! Congratulations!!

  4. I can't wait to read it! Will there be illustrations like on EC?

  5. No illustrations, I'm afraid! But most of these are not nearly famous enough to have illustrations attached to them.

    But I may try to find illustrations to fit them, that I will post on EC!

  6. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to reading it.

  7. This is so exciting! Congrats, Kate!