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The Appearance of Unsettling Wonder

delightful and enchanting new publication has recently debuted in the world of fairy tales and folklore. It's called Unsettling Wonder and if its first issue is anything to go by, fans and writers inspired by fairy tales and folklore have reason to rejoice.

Available both digitally and in print, UW's look is spare, but not chilly. Correction: The first issue cover was designed by Laura Anderson, whose work is available for commission. Its charming, and  sets up the issue nicely.

The general editor of the publication is John Patrick Pazdziora, whose effort as a scholar and as a true fan of fairy tales and folklore has been a boon to Enchanted Conversation and even more to the field in general. (This seems a good time state that an essay I wrote on teaching with fairy tales is in an upcoming book called New Fairy Tales, which John edited, along with Defne Cizakca--who, by the way, is fiction editor of Unsettling Wonder.  EC will definitely be featuring more about New Fairy Tales

Black Dog, By Elise Forier Edie

Editor's note; This story has magic and a captivating young heroine and is exactly the kind of story  I have loved since childhood. Grab a cup of tea and some cookies and enjoy!

 “A stray dog followed me home from my walk,” said Violet to the cook, while scraping the mud from her shoe soles by the scullery door.  “He has black fur and brown eyes and I can’t get rid of him.”

“Well, don’t let him in the here,” Cook said sternly, from her perch by the stove.  She was plump, frowned a lot and smelled of cloves. “And don’t touch him, mind.  You have to be careful of a black dog when he follows you home.”

“Why?” Violet asked.

“It’s bad luck, child.  Now, leave him alone.”

“But what will happen to him?”

Cook turned back to her recipes.  “If he doesn’t go away by sundown, I’ll have the gardener drowned him.”

Violet sighed, “He hardly seems to deserve drowning.” She knelt, looking the subject in one of his mild, brown eyes.  He had lots of curly dark fur, and Violet liked it.  Her own hair…