January 16, 2013

Beyond the Glass Slipper

World Weaver Press will soon be published a book called Beyond the Glass Slipper, annotated and edited by yours truly!

"Weary Moon," by Edward Robert Hughes

Ten fairy tales have been annotated with ideas and questions that will take the reader deep into these neglected stories. I hope writers, poets, students, book clubbers and regular readers will enjoy this book of fascinating but forgotten tales. I'll be posting as I know more!

Kate Wolford
Editor and Publisher
Enchanted Conversation

Above is a fab picture, apropos of nothing but pretty.


  1. Congratulations!
    I look forward to reading it :)

  2. How cool! Congratulation! It should be good reading. Will you use it for a text in your class? :)

  3. That's wonderful news! I'm sure it will be fun to read. Please keep us posted.

  4. Congratulations on spearheading yet another venue for lesser known fairy tales!

  5. Congrats congrats congrats! I just checked out their site. They seem like a cool new publisher.

  6. Congratulations, Kate! I can't wait to read it!