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Fleet Is the Sand, By Patricia Scott

Editor's Note: I've got some catching up to do on publishing (sometimes my own writing gets in the way of EC). Today, we have a mystical, touching story from Patricia Scott. It's not often we get stories set in the Middle East, so this delightful story is an intriguing change of pace.
As they grow, the boys of Mahdjikistan play a particular game found only in their culture. Once they are old enough to play away from the watchful eyes of their mothers, they go tumbling and brawling, as little boys everywhere are wont to do, to a corner where there is nothing to be found but sand. The older boys teach the younger the words to say and they practice, focusing their will as they chant. Eventually, sometimes only after days of trying, the boys will summon sand wraiths.
The sand wraiths look like nothing more than a tendril of grains writhing with the currents of the air, especially to the untrained eye. The boys of Mahdjikistan know better, though. These creatures, born of magic a…

St'armra the Elf Lord, by Hercynius

Editor's note: Hercynius's fable combines magic, life in a simple village, fear of strangers, and warnings about human weakness to create a highly memorable story. EC is very pleased to be publishing this tale that offerings lingering mystery.  nce there was a remote mountain village where all the families prided themselves greatly on how old their blood was. No one could remember when any new soul had come to the village—even for a visit. But then one mild summer day a poor, ragged, plain-faced stranger appeared in this insular village. He was, however, no ordinary stranger, but one of the Skälfar, an elven race, in disguise. His visit caused much gossip in the village as he seemed to do nothing but laze about the commons playing his curious harp, pausing only for meals, which he took at the the village's only inn. Odd too, was his surprising wealth, paying for his food and wine with shiny silver coins. Odder still was how he barely touched the food and drink. .…

Pretty Pictures

Here are a few old fairy tale illustrations I just found. I just like them, so I thought I'd share.