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Fairies come bring my true love, By Hercynius

Editor's note: Fairy tales don't often features actual fairies, so it's intriguing to have a poem that brings them to us (or us to them). Hercynius has given us a vivid peek into nature as well, with this work.

Where did you get to, time? When we pass, do you stay behind? Of you and me something yet mingling, Out in the dusking sylvan stillness lingering. . . .
And why I stay here by this dark springlet, Flowing out from these mossiest rocks And plansch about in the cold water—why, For springlet is sided by not mere trees, But magical white cedar grove.
I sleep in mosses layered on cedar bases, Stroke mosses layered over springlet rocks. Lest I have all there ever could be wanted Moist mosses mindless among that counted.
Rain, steady, cold, hardly hindering Me, naturally coolish-wan since death. There, out beyond the sacred cedars My old life and times encircling, stalking, Suspending, surrounding wood in pale white glow, Imploring me to come out, to retry my trials: Chang…

The Candlestick Kid, By Robin Ray

Editor's note: Although I'm still hard at work on a fairy-tale related project, I found time to publish our first July winning work (way past overdue on my part). Packed with action and detail, "The Candlestick Kid," will appeal to kids and adults alike.
Once upon a time, at the edge of the wide and thick Magin Forest, lived a poor man and his young son. The man, Julius Rivener, had gotten on his years. His legs had been weakened by years of labor and now could take him no further than a nearby stream. His wife Mathilda had died a few years ago when she accidentally drowned in Evergreen Lake. So, to make ends meet, young Jerry Rivener had to grow up quickly and put away the things that betrayed his boyhood. He became known as Little Jerry the Candlestick Kid because that’s what he sold: all kinds of skinny, fat, scented and unscented tapers, pillars, votive and luminaria candles from forest home to forest home. He carried them around in a wicker basket, stopping anyon…