July 3, 2012

Seeking Stories of Fairy Tale Lives, By Kristen Caven

Editor's note: Kristen Caven is doing interactive, inventive and fun work with fairy tales, so EC is happy to promote her efforts!

Art within art within art is the direction of a new musical by Kristen Caven. She is publishing the back story of The Souls of Her Feet, a Cinderella-inspired musical, as a blook inspired by a website.

Fairytalereality.com contains posts about different classic fairy tales with an invitation to readers to post their own stories in the comments. The author posted her own story on the Beauty and the Beast Page:

"If my wedding was a fairy tale, it was definitely Beauty and the Beast. My fiancee had a thing for King Kong, which is totally a B & the B story. We made a little Kong and Anne Darrow for the top of the cake, and his vows were along the line of I called him on Skull Island and asked him to come to New York with me. I was afraid of getting married, and found courage in the Persephone story, which is also a B & the B story. (What greater Beast than the Hades?) Both Persephone and Beauty headed into the home of the Beast with a belief in themselves. 'I love and therefore I can handle this.' And of course my Beast, who indeed can be a bit beastly at times--but at others is a funny and furry ape who likes to climb on things, is much more fun and interesting than a regular, well-groomed, politically proper prince."

Do you know someone who kissed a frog and found a prince?Who wished on a star and got what they wanted? Who found a genie in a bottle,real or metaphorical? Invite them to come to share their story on the Fairy Tale Reality blog!

Kristen Caven is a writer and artist living simultaneously in the SF Bay Area and in her imagination. Her books include Perfectly Revolting: My Glamorous Cartooning Career and The Reason She Left and Other Stories. She is working about a book on bullying and a musical-cum-web novel about what fairy-tale goodness, wickedness, and evil look like in the modern world. You can subscribe to her blook at www.kristencaven.com.

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  1. I like it very much. It's similar to what I'm trying to do on Spinning Straw into Gold, having people share their stories. I'll have to think of what my fairy tale is.