May 8, 2012

Catching Up On Winning Entries: A Marprilay Edition Coming Soon

It has not escaped my attention that Enchanted Conversation is woefully behind on printing the March and April winning entries for the monthly writing contests. That brings me to this announcement:

The winners for the May writing contest are Caroline Yu and Dawn Corrigan. Congratulations to them both!

While I am not behind on publishing the May winners, obviously, the March and April non-publication is very much not OK. I am sorry.

To atone for my failings as a publisher, and to make a big splash for the writers whose work is well worth reading, I am going to do a special edition of EC: The Marprilay edition. All six winning works from March, April and May will be posted over the course of a week, comprising a one-time three-month-winners edition of EC. There will even be a seventh post, about author Kate Forsyth, who was an April winner and who has a new book, Bitter Greens, published by Random House Australia.

The Marprilay edition will commence next week.

Image is called Phosphatine, I believe, but I cannot find the name of the artist who made it. Updtae: Thanks to Christin, I found out it is by Georges Rochegrosse, from La Derniere Fee. Thanks Christin!


  1. I believe that the illustration "Phosphatine" is by Georges Rochegrosse, from La Derniere Fee. Conte pour les enfants by Matilde Serao, 1909.

  2. You are correct! Thank you Christin.