May 31, 2012

Best Fairy-Tale Pinterest Board

As you know, Pinterest is hotter than Snow White's stepmother's red-hot iron shoes. (Read the end of the story if you don't know what I mean.)

Pinterest certainly lends itself to the enjoyment of fairy-tale illustration. EC has its own account, under my name. It's got some lovely images. Plus, it's a way to follow EC and qualify for contests, etc.

BUT ...
An image from Gypsy's board called "The Many Deaths of 'Snow White'"

Nothing I have ever posted comes close the fabulousness, the gorgeousness, the spectacular comprehensiveness of Gypsy Thornton's Pinterest board. Her dozens of boards are well organized and nicely curated. You can spend countless happy hours gazing at them and repinning the images she pins. Her boards inspire and instruct.

Gypsy has been advancing the cause of fairy tales online for some time. She runs Once Upon a Blog, and she really knows her stuff.

Check her boards out. You will be enchanted!


  1. I am so there! Thanks for the heads-up. :)

  2. Added to my blog links.

    I am SO grateful someone has committed to doing this for us.

  3. Wow. *blushes furiously* I'm at a loss for words except to say thank you! I'm very humbled that you've even looked at them (and somewhat embarrassed since I'm not half as thorough as I ought to be).

    Really, it's all your fault. I never would have tried Pinterest if you hadn't pointed me there in the first place, so thank you Kate. It definitely gave me my fairy tale fix when I couldn't blog and kept me connected. [And now I'm completely addicted and must continue even though I can finally blog again as of today. In fact I'm quite possibly in need of some sort of 12 step program... ;) ]

    Thank you again. You do more for us fairy tale folk than you can possibly know.

  4. I love this board! (And Gypsy Thorton's!) And the Enchanted Conversation board is what got me making boards for World Weaver Press.