May 29, 2012

Back To Old Look for EC

I LOVED the dynamic views look I had up for EC. However, there are so many things I can't do with it -- like have important badges for writing contest sites, that I simply had to go back to a regular template. I like this pretty well, but I sure do wish I could make this look less "bloggy."

I know Wordpress is beloved by many, many people, but I have tried it and simply could not feel confident with it.

I hope you all like the current look. I am thinking of changing the header. Ideas?

The image is by John Batten. The sad girl is me, feeling disappointed about having to return to the old look. The goat (?) is Blogger, teasing me because it, once again, has bested me.


  1. I couldn't get on with Wordpress either, but understand the frustration of the 'bloggy' feel of Blogger.
    I find using Blogger's pages helps a bit with that, because it allows for easy categorisation which is also easy to locate for passing visitors. I don't think any of the regular visitors to EC will mind, we all know and love the site regardless of how it looks!

  2. Thank you for switching back! :)

    I too could never get a hang of Wordpress. I finally closed my blogs there because I couldn't figure out how to load photos properly...a very basic knowledge that I needed.

    I thought the goat (calf?) was going over to lick the girl to cheer her up? LOL!

    As for the header, can it be made wider so that the title can be made bigger and still only be on one line?

  3. I wasn't able to see the dynamic view, but I do like this format better than the previous one, even if it does look bloggy. I appreciate the clearly defined categories and the clean look of two columns.