May 7, 2012

Closed!!! $25 Amazon E-Card Giveaway for Existing Followers of EC

I would never forget the loyal EC followers! You also have a contest. All you need to do is Tweet, find a way to pin an announcement on Pinterest, blog or otherwise mention through social media that EC is holding a giveaway for new members. Then, comment below with the post, tweet or whatever it is, linked to somehow. Also, guess a number between 400 and 1,000. Remember to comment under THIS post!!! No one is eligible for both contests. CLOSED

So remember, you are promoting the new member giveaway, not taking part in it!!!! That's the one on the post just below this one. IF YOU ARE A BRAND NEW FOLLOWER, CHECK OUT CONTEST BELOW THIS ONE!
Here are the other rules, for this contest, for existing EC followers It exists to promote the other contest!:

1) Tweet or blog or pin or whatever, starting at 2 p.m. today, 5/4/12. You must already follow EC through Twitter, Pinterest or Google friend/follower by 2 p.m. today, EST. Only people who meet that time cutoff are eligible. No one is eligible for both contests!

2) You must be 18 years old to enter, but may be from any country in the world.
3) You may only enter once.
4) Once tweeted, blogged, whatever, comment below this post, with your follower name AND a guess of a number between 400 and 1,000. PLEASE don't forget to guess the number. UPDATE: PLEASE INCLUDE A LINK TO YOUR PROMO!!!!
5) The winning number will be published in a post on May 12. The winner will then have 72 hours from the time the winner is announced (at Eastern Standard Time) to contact me for the prize. If the winner fails to do so within the 72 hours, a new winning number will be chosen and so on.
6) In the event two people or more chose the winning number, the person who commented first will be the winner.
7) The contest ends at 11:59 p.m., May 11, EST.


  1. Did so on Twitter:!/Wiswell/status/198521436447576066

    I've been a Google Friend for quite a while, via JohnWiswell. Hope this attracts a few more reader for y'all.

    My guess is 525!

  2. Blogged on Spinning Straw into Gold:

    I'll guess . . . 500

  3. I'm not sure if this will lead to the proper retweet link, but here it is:!/EnchantedConvo/status/198763506105982976 :}

    I need to find out how to announce it on PInterest...

    And I'm going to pick 666 because it reminds me of that hilarious Demon Goat demotivational "card". LOL!

  4. I follow under the name "Eileen." I tweeted about the contest here:!/eileen09/status/199118589721198592

    I'm guessing number 827

  5. BTW, I realize I was too late but still promo is promo! Hope it brings lots of new members.

  6. Hello,

    I hope the contest is going well! I tweeted about it on 5/8/2012 1:22a.m. Here's a link to the Twitter:!/KWrites2

    My follower name Katrina R.

    My guess is 732.

  7. Heck yeahs, I blogged about the contest--right under the wire:

    And I'm fond of 8's. So...778.

  8. follow you on twitter



    sibabe64 at ptd dot net