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A Tale of Two Witches, By Shannon Connor Winward, Feb. Honorable Mention

With my head in my hands

I lamented my plight -
an open tome before me
and nothing to write.

“Sister, take my hand,” you said.
“This is something you should see.”
You led me from our forest house
into a maze of trees
We flew through hazel , ash and birch
holly, oak and thorn
over fields of barley, wheat and rye
root vegetables and corn

past the farmsteads and the crossroad inns
and down the merchant’s trails
through the gate and the cobbled streets
of the City of FairyTales.

“Look, Dearest, how they toil,”
you laughed as we set down
on a rooftop in the thick of it
this busy, worried town.

“Look at the cinder girl, with sisters cruel!
Look at the cobbler, childless and old.
Look how the miller’s daughter weeps
for straw that won’t be gold.
See there, an orphan, bereft
with only a cat for a friend
and there, a lad with a pocket of beans
and a family to tend.

Look how sad, how poor, how droll!
Even their royalty frets!
for children, for power
for princesses in towers
for princes with impossible tests.
One Queen dies, …