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February Honorable Mention: Skeleton Woman, By Lissa Sloan

Why do I follow you?
It is more than the tug of your hook in my breastbone
More than the pull of your line
That draws me clackety clacking along behind
As you stumble over the snow
Running for your life

Even my empty sockets can see that there is more to you
More than muscle and sinew that cast your line
More than breath from your bursting lungs
More than blood rushing to your cheek
As you look behind
To see if you have outrun me at last

I may be nothing but bone,
But I feel your callused fingers, gentle now
Untangling the jumble that is me--one bone here, another there

I have no ears to hear
And yet your tender song hums through me
As you free me from this knotted line

I rattle near you as you dream
I have no breath to hold
But frozen beside you I wait
Knowing there is still more to you
I can smell the salt of it
Hot at the corner of your eye

Is that teardrop for me?

Do you grieve for this pile of bones in her ocean grave
And wish she could have life again?
Just as I grieve for your heart that beats alone

February Contest Winner: Beast's Beauty, By Diana Parparita

Hunter had thought himself prepared. He'd expected the tall, hulky beast, the evil glint reflected in its fangs, its long black claws, its mane of tangled fur, he'd even expected the knife pointed at his throat. What he hadn't expected was the short chubby woman holding the knife. One moment of surprise was enough for her to strike. The knife lunged at his throat. Hunter closed his eyes instinctively. He heard the sound of blood drops hitting the wooden floor, but felt no pain. He opened his eyes. The knife was shining half an inch from his throat, its blade gripped tightly in the beast's firm hand, ruby-red blood trickling through the clenched fingers. The woman let go of the hilt and burst into tears.

"There, there, love," the Beast said soothingly, patting her on her shoulder. "It's only a scratch."

"But, Honey-bear, he was going to kill you!" the woman answered, rubbing her eyes. "I know these so-called princes. Always snooping …

February Contest Winner: Remember, When They Come, By Rachel Ayers

Oh my pretty little darlings--
how I wish to warn you of the wicked
ways of the world:

The evil means and minds
of monsters who will make a meal
from your sweet soft flesh.

Let me tell you about the girl
in red who fought the wolves
and lived--
I know you can be just as clever,
my tiny ones.

But will you believe me
if I come to you, all stuff and nonsense
about the dark hearts of the fair folk?

I shall spin you a tale
instead; and leave it to ruminate
within your soul, in hope --

The brother and sister, lost
in the woods, following pebbles
and breadcrumbs, wandering
in circles until they find
their sticky-sweet salvation.

-- when the time comes,
you will know what to do.  You will
act without hesitation

move with conviction
Though you know not why or where
the instinct comes from.

Remember the princess who fled
her wicked father and danced
for a handsome young prince.  His mother
took her children, said she was a demon
and had her buried to her neck in burning sand.

Did you think that…

Guest Post By Lissa Sloan: Adventure Princess Comes to the Rescue

The fairy tale heroine has it all, doesn’t she?Sure, she may have a jealous stepmother plotting her demise and giving her way too many chores, but she’s beautiful, loyal, hardworking, and often very clever.Still, I want more out of a heroine.I want a princess who does more than housework while she waits around to be kissed, rescued, or rescued by a kiss.Fortunately, I know just the girl, and she does her own rescuing.I like to call her Adventure Princess.And if she sounds a bit like a superhero, that’s because she is.She’s a girl on a quest that will require some superhuman qualities.But don’t worry-- Adventure Princess has it covered.
We often meet Adventure Princess on a search for a lost loved one.The odds are against her, but she has the power of persistence.In stories like East of the Sun, West of the Moon, Fenist the Bright Falcon, and The Enchanted Pig, Adventure Princess wanders the world and beyond in her search.She visits nine continents, nine seas, the houses of the Sun, Moo…

Snow Queen By Adrienne Segur

I have been playing with posting by Iphone. Only this lovely image by Adrienne Segur came through. But it is a beauty!

New Site For Writers and Publishers

Want to get the word out about your new literary effort or online magazine? Check out Raspberry Read. This clear, uncluttered site gives news about online publishers, small presses, poetry, short stories and more.
It hasn't been up very long, but it is collecting good information, so take a look. If you want to post, it doesn't seem hard to get an invitation to do so.