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February Fiction/Poetry Contest Winners

The winners for this month's fiction and poetry contest are
Diana Parparita
Rachel Ayers.

Honorable mention went to
Lissa Sloan
Shannon Connor Winward

The competition is rough every month, but we easily could have doubled the two winners to four -- even five -- this month. Congratulations!\

Image by John Anster Fitzgerald.

Touched, By Jennifer A McGowan

Editor's Note: Below is our second winning submission from January. We are pleased to have published both this poem and Jude Tulli's short story. Remember, the submission window for February is open right now, but closes tomorrow night!

Another year has come and gone.
If they had not sent him to town
to sing in the bishop's choir,
if that summer had not brought the sweating sickness,
her son would have been twelve.
(Her husband left soon after,
following his own blank stare.)

The first year she believed they'd return.
She'd worked the fields, learning to harness
and plough, spent summer
watching the grain get taller,
the autumn preserving, then keeping to
what she preserved.  She'd believed
in the lie of the sun's warmth.
Each successive year
more and more of her lay fallow.

Last autumn
a man came by
asking for one night's shelter,
paying in story and song.
His teeth unworn
by gravelly bread, his mind quick to point
and follow thought.  His hands whit…