January 6, 2012

EC is Looking For Guest Writers

Have you ever wanted to write about a topic related to fairy tales but weren't sure where to send your finished work? Enchanted Conversation may just be the destination for your fairy tale dream piece!

We have lowered the number of works we will use in fiction and poetry each year, but we greatly desire more guest blog posts. To read about the requirements, go to the link right under our site title and read the basic guidelines and guest post guidelines, including deadlines. We can't pay for guest posts, but we do get a nice flow of traffic each month and we think the quality of our readership is second to none. (Seriously, the Twitter and Google Follower profiles of our readers demonstrate what a smart, eclectic bunch they are.)

While we will not have themes for guest posts, I will, from time to time, post topics we are currently interested in reading. The following are just a few ideas - we are open to many more themes, so don't feel you must pick from the list if you plan to write a guest post.

Here goes:
1) Review Grimm, the new television show, for quality and watchability.
2) Ditto with Once Upon a Time.
3) Write a post comparing the two.
4) Review a few fairy tale themed novels that have been recently released.
5) Explore fairy tales outside of the traditionally popular canon.
6) Explore non-Western fairy tale traditions.
7) Explore a favorite fairy tale artist.
8) Explore fairy tale and myth themes in red-hot TV shoes like The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad and Dexter -- but only if they really exist.

Please do not query and please pay attention to submission windows.

The image is what guest writers who maintain sites will receive if published on EC. The image can be used to click through to a guest post from the guest writer's site.

We hope to get lots of submissions!



  1. Fairy tales are precious remnants of oral traditions that are thousands of years old. There is history to decode here; the seven dwarves represent the seven known planets of antiquity, the seven known metals, and the metallurgy related to them. This knowledge was preserved in story and symbol and passed on through generations. There are inscriptions from ca. 12,500 BC which have been recently translated (see iceagelanguage.com), showing that women and children were cherished as new life, and the promise of future. These cultural stories were preserved for thousands of years, and are rich with archetypal symbolism that represents experiences common to humanity. We know some of them now as fairy tales. Whether published in books, or produced by Disney, these stories are still good for the soul.

  2. wow...really cool site! happy to have found u...im a fairy tale fiend