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Little Mermaid's Big Sister, By Jude Tulli

Editor's Note: This is the first winning entry for our January writing contest. The window for February opens at 12 a.m. EST Feb. 1 and closes at 11:59 p.m. EST Feb. 2. The other winning entry for January and guest posts will be appearing soon.

My little sister wrestles with killing her beloved prince, and that could be her undoing. Her other sisters and I bargained away our hair for one last chance to save her and brought her the sea witch's knife. We told her she could live if only she killed this one man. One man who does not love her as she deserves. We begged her to save herself.

She has legs to walk. She can do it easily. We have but flippers and fins and scaly tails beneath our bellies. But we shall try to finish it for her if (Adelaide says when) she fails.

There she is now. See how her knife hand trembles. It's just as her tail would waver against a tide pool back when she had sense enough still to have a tail.

She's thinking about it as she pulls back the c…

January Contest Winners Are ...

The winners for the short story/poetry contest for January are ...

Jude Tulli and Jennifer McGowan.

Honorable mention goes to Jan Sullivan.

We hope to see more terrific submissions for next month's contest -- same submission windows, same rules.

We will be publishing these works within the week. Congrats to them. The field was very strong.

Image is "Opera of the Seas," by Margaret MacDonald.