December 28, 2011

Window For Contest Submissions to Open Soon! UPDATED

The window for contest submissions for Enchanted Conversation's new contest format opens at 12 a.m. Jan. 1 and closes at 11:59 p.m. Jan. 2. Both are Eastern Standard Times. For all up-to-date information, click on the box right under the site title. That is the only place to find the most current rules.

Remember, we no longer pay by the word and two winners will be chosen. Each will be published and receive a $25 gift certificate.

Send entries to But first, please read the guidelines!

Image By Evelyn Pickering DeMorgan.

Update: I had intentionally not addressed length or theme, as I wanted to see if I could back off of those areas a bit, but since a commenter brought the subjects up, I have added the following under guidelines:
New, 12/28/11: There are no specific themes at this time, but stories and poems should evoke the feel of classic pre-1900 fairy tales. There is no word count at this time, but over 3,000 will very likely not be chosen -- longer has never been preferred at EC. There is no length preference for poems.
This update does not replace the need to review all guidelines. I look forward to reading entries!


  1. Kate,

    Can you please clarify since there are no themes: do stories need to relate to a classic fairy tale or will original fairy tales also be considered? I also didn't see a word count limit - did I miss it?

    So glad EC will still be publishing!


  2. Check out the update and thanks!