December 29, 2011

Enchanted Conversation is on Pinterest

 Thanks to my daughter's interest in Pinterest, I am now a member. Really, Enchanted Conversation is. At any rate, Pinterest is fantastic for anyone who loves art, making things, photography -- really, anything! If you love looking at images, you'll love Pinterest.

You have to be invited to be a member of Pinterest, but you can follow us on Pinterest if you click on the button at left. Getting to be a member was not hard for EC. At any rate, if you follow EC through Pinterest, just let me know. It will qualify you for follower status for contests and guest blogging.

EC on Pinterest is under my name, Katharine Wolford. The first pin board for EC is "Witches in the Art of Myth and Fairy Tales." The link in the first line of this post should take you to EC's Pinterest page.

1 comment

  1. Cool! I'm not on Pinterest often, but it is a feast for my eyes.