December 12, 2011

EC Rises From the Dead

It seems that Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine is not dead after all. The reasons are diverse and complicated, but basically have to do with the fact that killing a non-profit is easier said than done.

Exhaustion and the fact that my husband and I have survived the economic downtown in good shape (and plan to stay that way), forced me into the decision to close the magazine. Yet, it seems that even if I wish to give EC away to another non-profit, it should it least have a pulse.

That being said, I never really wanted to leave EC completely, I just couldn't figure out how to run it without draining myself dry. I still love fairy tales and I still love working with the utterly brilliant people whose work has graced this 'zine.

So EC will continue, but in dramatically different form. But first, I have to get the LRRH issue out, which I will, no later than December 31.

Here's how things stand right now: EC will hold a monthly contest. Two winners will be chosen, with each receiving $25 gift certificates. Other sporadic contests will also happen, when I have time and money.

The guest blogging program will continue. That, of course, has always been unpaid.

I know some talented people (Tahlia Merrill's Timeless Tales comes to mind), who have been starting other magazines. I plan to promote the heck out of those sites!

Please do not submit anything for the future until I announce deadlines, themes, standards, etc.

I realize that all of this backing and forthing will lose me the goodwill and interest of some talented people, but I do hope people will stay. In the future, a great deal of effort will be put into promoting fairy tales and their makers in every form, here at EC.

Kate Wolford
Editor Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine


  1. Hooray!! Glad to hear EC will live on under a new format. :)

  2. This is really good news! EC in whatever form is better than no EC at all :)

  3. I'm very happy about this! I'll keep coming back as long as EC does.