October 28, 2011

LRRH Submissions Chosen

Below is a list of the works chosen for the final issue of  Enchanted Conversation. As our policy states, we do not notify writers who have not been chosen. No more contests, issues or works of any kind will be published in EC, except for LRRH. Also, the email for EC is only being used to close out the final issue.

You will notice 11 names below. There was room in the budget for the 11th, so it's going in.

The last issue will be published before December 31.

1) Gerri Leen, "Red is for Ritual"
2) Lissa Sloan, "Red Cape"
3) Jude Tulli, "What Big Eyes"
4) Sarah Hans, "Alive in the Wolf's Belly"
5) Megan Engelhardt, "Untruths About the Desirability of Wolves"
6) Amanda C. Davis, "The Witch of the Wolfwoods"
7) Alethea Kontis, "Hero Worship"
8) Alexandra Seidel, "The Little Red Tarot"
9) James Tolan, "Red Grown"
10) Lorraine Schein, "Inside"
11) John Wiswell, "Wolf Slayer"

Illustration by Ethel Franklin Betts.

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