September 1, 2011

Update On New Submission Notification Policy, Also 'Follower' Status

I recently received an email that raised an excellent point about notifying writers and poets about which works were chosen for an issue. She expressed concern about leaving writers up in the air about how long a submission is under speculation at EC. Here's a clarification on that:

 As soon as the list of chosen works goes up, any obligation to EC by a person who submits (and whose work is not chosen) ends. If your name does not appear -- shop that piece! Those whose work is chosen will be contractually obligated to EC (for the chosen piece only) for six months of worldwide electronic rights.

On the other matter, Google "Follower" status, I saw a great comment questioning just where that is. Well, it's under "Member." I just got into the habit of using the old term, "follower." I will fix that on the submission guidelines ASAP.

Image is by Albert Pinkham Ryder.

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  1. Thanks for posting the clarification. There may have been others with the same question and posting it this way addresses it for all interested persons.