September 16, 2011

Updated: A Special Fairy Tale Project -- Brought To You By Some Talented Young NYC Writers!

Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine, is bringing you some magical stories by students from the NYC Lab School for Collaborative Studies. Rebecca Fabricant's Advanced Placement Language and Composition (AP) 11th Grade Course worked on a fairy tale writing project last Spring, and here are the magical results.

Rebecca, English teacher and department chair, writes, "In this accelerated English course, students are always writing, seeking new and interesting ways to stretch and grow as writers, editors, and storytellers. For this assignment, students had the opportunity to re-imagine a fairy tale of their youth, playing with point of view, structure, and characterization."

We've done little editing or changing to the stories and layout of them. we like seeing the stories as the students wrote them. The students were allowed to identify themselves as the wished. We do hope that readers will read and comment about this lovely stories.

Enjoy these imaginative and spirited retellings of classic fairy tales! 

Image is by Edmund Dulac.

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