August 19, 2011

Hello There!

Well, it has been awhile. Lost Internet for over a week, but at last, I am back on and reading submissions. Of course, I have jury duty next week -- oh, it never ends.

But we are reading Cinderella submissions, so fear not!

In the meantime, I'd doing a little promo for my daughter's new start up. She didn't ask and doesn't know, but I am proud of her. The business, which is personal-shopper related, is in no way fairy tale related, but I love her and am proud of her. So here is the logo. The company is just getting started and hasn't fully launched, but check it out, if you so desire.

Here's the blog link: Cake Style.


  1. Congratulations to your daughter on your new biz! Love the logo - it tells viewers clearly what she does. Nothing more annoying than logos and names that confuse a potential customers. :} What a great blog too! I'm not terribly fashionable, but my sister is, so I'll share it with her.

  2. Very cool. Going to go check it out.