July 12, 2011

Six! Digital Collage Sheets From Calico Collage

Maybe some of you are already avid users of digital collage sheets. I certainly am. I collect them for use on Enchanted Conversation and Diamonds and Toads.

I think a lot of people assume digital images are mostly for scrapbooking, and they are good for that. But I don't scrapbook at all,  but I have bought some great collections of images from Ella Bouchard, an experienced graphic designer, at her Etsy shop, Calico Collage. They were Art Nouveau and castle images and of very good quality, I must add.

Ella has very generously donated 6 digital image downloads -- that's a lot of images, trust me. You can choose from her well curated array of vintage, steampunk, Parisian, and burlesque images (plus a lot more). I use her images for blogging, but they lend themselves to prints suitable for framing, invitations, etc. Plus, they are easy to change and enhance on your own.

Once again, we are lucky at EC to have such great donors!

The lovely image here is from Calico Collage. It took me about one minute to size it, frame it and save it on Picnik!

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