July 8, 2011

Our Next Prize Profile, Print By Lena Yampolsky

As I posted earlier in the week, we are soon starting a series of giveaways with prizes donated by generous, talented artists. Today, we are featuring another gorgeous prize. This print is by Lena Yampolsky, an artist and illustrator whose Etsy store is called Babayagada.

Lena's work is inspired by her family's travels through the country of Georgia, the Middle East, Romania, and more. Now she lives in Israel and works full time as an illustrator and textile artist. You can see more of her work at her absolutely fabulous site at http://www.babayagada.com/.

The print for our giveaway is called "Missing Substance." The winner will get it delivered to his or her home. Don't you love it?!

Thank you Lena Yampolsky!


  1. Wow...that is how I envision a story character of mine, scarily accurate! What beautiful artwork~

  2. Oh, wow, that's gorgeous. Aaand now I have another etsy shop full of things to lust after. Thanks! ;)

  3. EC, you're good to us. Can't wait for the competitions to start.