July 16, 2011

Final Prize -- Two EBooks By Dorlana Vann!

Many of us who work in the online fairy tale world are Dorlana Vann fans. She's spent years exploring her own paranormal romance and fairy tale inspired young adult fantasy stories and novels online, and her story, "His Soul Inspiration," appeared in the Mermaid Issue of EC, Volume One. She has much more work to her credit, including encouraging and publishing other fairy tale writers on earlier sites. Her work has been far ranging and she continues to move ahead with new ideas and great reads.

Two of Dorlanna's novels will be sent either as ebooks or as pdf files to a lucky winner. I've read one of them, Silverweed (also now in paperback), which I raced through and found truly entertaining. It's a YA tale of werewolves and magic.

I have yet to read The Princes of Tangleforest, which is the other prize book. It promises to be a good read, however, as it contains Rapunzel elements, mind control, nerds and skateboarding. I do love good YA fiction.

Thanks Dorlana! And keep on writing!

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  1. Thanks for including me in your awesome giveaway :)