July 16, 2011

Enchanted Island Music Play List Giveaway

Many of you have probably played The Desert Island Game in some form or another. It goes something like: If you could only take 10 books to a desert island, what would they be? It's a great way to while away time with people you think you know well (surprises!) or people you think you might like to know or people you know and don't particularly like.

You don't play it? Well, you should. In some form. You learn about what you love and what other people love. That's good information. Plus, it takes you back, makes you remember why you fell in love with something.

It can also lead to heated discussions. Not too long ago, my husband and I were being blessed by the brilliance (dimmed, but still out there) of Western Pennsylvania FM radio, principally, WDVE -- the only true radio giant left in those parts. Anyway, we got to "talking" about the merits of the Allman Brothers versus Lynyrd Skynyrd. I was ardent in my passionate belief that "Jessica" was the greatest driving song of all time, and therefore raised the Allman Brothers to the glorious summit of Greatest Southern Rock Band of All Time. He did a dirty jump to The Ballad of Curtis Lowe, by Skynyrd -- a song so great that it was out of the driving song category, then pronounced Skynyrd as one of the greatest bands in history. Period.

"Greater than The Who?" I asked, thinking I knew the answer. I mean we've been married nearly 30 years!
"Yes," the traitorous one replied. "You like them more than I do. The drumming is obtrusive." That was a double whammy. He had slighted the ghost of Keith Moon, one of my great music heroes, and insulted the greatest rock band on Earth still in actual existence (sort of).

"Do I know you?" I yelled. "Do you have extra wives hidden somewhere? Offshore bank accounts? Are you really even Todd Wolford?"

We eventually were able to move the discussion to the neutral but pleasing subject of Neil Young, whom we both ardently adore.

I explain all of this to show you that the game matters. (It also gave you some clues about what next year's magazine themes will be about, but we won't announce that for months.)

It also was a way to show you that music is vitally important to me. Reading is my brain's life force. I dream in print. But music is the only art form that has ever allowed me to experience a sense of joyous transport in, I guess, a mystical sense. I am curious about what transports readers musically. It will help me understand EC's audience more. Plus, it gives me the chance to give seven super donated prizes away!

Here are the contest details and rules:
We are on Enchanted Island. It's full of the good life, but with enough fairy tale kinds of adventures to make life interesting and even a little dangerous. As the benevolent but autocratic Fairy Godmother Queen of Enchanted Island, I am also in charge of the island's play list. But I understand that diverse input is needed to make a great play list.

In order to live on Enchanted Island, you must bring five songs to the play list. You must name the artist and the song and it must be clear on your entry why you picked these songs. Lazy, "I dunno" entries and would-be islanders will have to climb back in the magic vintage autos that brought you here. You can be lazy on the island, but not about what you should love. (What this means is, when you enter, have real reasons for why you picked your songs. Otherwise, you are disqualified.)

You may bring two more lists to the island (entries) with different songs and reasons, but they must be made at least 24 hours apart.

OK, now to the nitty gritty of rules:
1) You must be 18 to enter. Otherwise, you can live anywhere in the world.
2) Each entry must have five songs picked with artist and title names, with a small paragraph or list on why you picked these songs. The reasons can be brief, but than must be cogent and not just obvious attempts at entering to win something.
3) You may enter up to three times, but all entries must be 24 hours apart and each entry must meet the requirements listed here.
4) For each entry, you must pick a number between 400 and 1000. Each entry should be a different number in that range. Winners will be chosen by random drawing from numbers in that range. Whomever is closest to the number (lesser or greater) will be that day's winner.
5) You must be reachable by email or check the site each day until all of the prizes are awarded. Failure to claim a prize in 72 hours after announcing you as a winner will mean we will pick a new number and a new winner for that prize.
6) The prizes are awarded randomly and winners do not get to pick their prizes. All of them are great. To see them, just scroll down this page and you will see all seven with a picture and post.
7) The giveaway game begins at 12 a.m. July 17, 2011, EST.  It ends at 11:59 p.m., EST on July 23.
8) One prize will be awarded each day, starting July 24, until the prizes are gone. There are seven.
9) All types of music are welcome. My tastes are irrelevant here. On the Enchanted Island though, you'll be hearing a lot of loud old guys.

Have fun!

The image, for something pretty, is called "Twilight Fantasies," by Edward R. Hughes.


  1. 1.Don't Stop Believin'-- Glee cover
    (because I love to sing it, even over and over, and it makes me smile)
    2.Koda(k?)chrome--Simon and Garfunkel (because it's a wonder I can think at all)
    3. Breathe (2AM)--Anna Nalick
    AGain, one to sing. It gets under your skin and into your brain, and that's just the tune. Once you've got the lyrics, you're thoroughly hooked.
    4. You're Aging Well -- Dar Williams. Well-written, sung well, affirmative. What's not to love?
    5. Brides of the Cross -- The Dear Janes. Oh, this song. It breaks and elates my heart in equal measure. About a prison of a Catholic upbringing, and the courage to walk away, scars and all. And musically, so very beautiful.

    You might be able to tell I prefer female voices to male ones as a whole, and like to sing. Some of these songs bruise my heart. Some of them revive it. Which is all, really, I can ask for of music.

    number: 667 (the neighbour of the beast)

  2. 1. Girl in the Garden, SJ Tucker
    2. Cold Sunshine, SJ Tucker
    3. He's a Pirate, David Garret version
    4.King's Sword, Heather Dale
    5. Blackbird, The Beatles

    This enchanted island playlist is blend of hope and melancholy, both of which I would want on any desert island (no matter how lovely). 3 songs all bear ties to stories of enchantment, Girl in the Garden was inspired by Cathryn Valente's In the Night Garden (a Scheherazade retelling), He's a Pirate is from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and has a wonderful spritely character to it, and King's Sword is an Arthurian legend song. Since I'm limiting my playlist to 5 here they all meet one other very important criteria, I can (and do) listen to them over and over again.

    Pick a number? 42 of course.

  3. Gah, just realized my number wasn't in the right range. 442 is the new pick, though it lacks the symbolism of the first one.

  4. Middle Cyclone by Neko Case
    Up in the Rafters by Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
    Meet Me in the Basement by Broken Social Scene
    Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple
    Run the Heart by Sleigh Bells

    These songs concatenate to create a personal journey for me. Middle Cyclone and Up in the Rafters are about longing, and the things longed for might not be delivered. Meet Me in the Basement is wordless, but makes me feel empowered to take control of my life. Extraordinary Machine and Run the Heart take that empowerment, and use it to put aside longing in order to focus on personal growth that is possible.

  5. Oh, man, fairy tale music!

    I have to start with SJ Tucker's Wendy Trilogy, which is a reimagining of Wendy's story (from Peter Pan, of course) in which she does turn pirate and rule the seas of Neverland. You can listen to the story here, it's broken into three parts (thus trilogy) on this album:


    Does that count as one song or three? I'll count it as three since there are three tracks on the album dedicated to Wendy.

    Also, Twa Corbies by Rumgumption:


    Which is morbid and has talking crows: I don't think you can get much more fairy tale than that.

    And lastly (for today!), along the lines of Corbies, Magpie by Death by Chocolate, which uses the counting crows rhyme for a funky little song:


    Love this contest. :D I can't wait to see the other entries!

  6. 413

    "Kiss from a Rose"--Seal

    I'm a huge Batman fan. I have been for as long as I can remember. But that aside, I have loved this song only slightly less longer. It is my favorite, romantic song. It's one that I can hear and completely apply to the relationship I'm in. The moment it begins to play, I instantly relax and smile.

    "Rebel Yell"--Billy Idol

    I'm known among my friends for having a deep love of music from the 1980s. This song was my gateway to that. I first heard it on one of my favorite movies, "The Legend of Billie Jean." I've been rocking out to it ever since.

    "Down Poison"--3 Doors Down

    This song definitely represents the beginning of my writing career. I was in the eighth grade, and I had met my best friend. The two of us quickly discovered our shared passion for writing, and we began to work on a story that, sadly, suffered from our limited eighth grade writing experience. We had written a scene to appear later in our story and as we thumbed through my CD collection one evening at my house, we stumbled upon this song. To this day, I still think back to that story every time it starts to play on my media player.


    My first attempt at a novel-length work was a year later in the ninth grade. This song was one that quickly got put on reply to help me through the scenes that were more emotional than action. I fell so in love with the song that I have it decided that it will be the song my bridesmaids walk down the aisle to. It's so light and airy that you can honestly imagine the most romantic fairytale using it as its theme.

    "Smooth Criminal"--Michael Jackson

    I have been listening to this song since I was five years old. I can't tell you how many bruises I earned by trying to do the anti-gravity lean from the music video. Even at five, I knew that it was only special effects. But my childhood imagination won out over logic, and I kept trying. Michael Jackson, in general, was a big part of my childhood in a musical way. So much so that I mourned his passing two years ago. I love all his music, but this one--as one of my earliest memories--holds a special place in my heart.

  7. oops, I got so excited about the music, I forgot the number!


  8. Reposting because I forgot my number.

    #: 928

    Middle Cyclone by Neko Case
    Up in the Rafters by Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
    Meet Me in the Basement by Broken Social Scene
    Extraordinary Machine by Fiona Apple
    Run the Heart by Sleigh Bells

    These songs link together to create a personal journey for me. Middle Cyclone and Up in the Rafters are about longing, and the things longed for might not be delivered. Meet Me in the Basement is wordless, but makes me feel empowered to take control of my life. Extraordinary Machine and Run the Heart take that empowerment, and use it to put aside longing in order to focus on personal growth that is possible.

  9. So, I do believe it's after midnight EST time, correct? Well, I can't resist the chance to post five songs I'd take with me to Enchanted Island.

    My chosen number is 913.

    "Blue Moon" as sung by Ella Fitzgerald
    On Enchanted Island, romance is as sure as danger, I'm certain, so I will want at least one song to dance to--for this, I have chosen "Blue Moon." A charming prince, a sweet farmer? Will my true love meet me under the blue moon? Yes, if I'm to be inspired to love, I'll need this song.

    "Hold On" by Kansas
    Fairy tales are full of trials, and I'm certain I'll require a pep talk while on my adventures. For the greatest, most lonesome trials, I've chosen "Hold On." Perhaps the song will even encourage me to learn to relate to my enemy?

    "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone
    I've left the land of my birth for Enchanted Island, and decided that perhaps that traumatic change isn't so bad. To embrace my new life of magic and a new start, there's no better song than "Feeling Good."

    "Crystal Ball" by Styx
    A sense of constant wonder requires this song. I'll wonder every day what adventures and dangers lay with every old hag I pass and every rumor of evil stepmothers. I couldn't go wrong with a song that inspires me to ask myself what the future holds. Also, Styx always inspires the writer in me, though I'm not sure why.

    "Heroes" by David Bowie
    "We can be heroes, just for one day…" Surely, every occupant on the island has a fairy tale role to play. This song will leave me dreaming of the day it'll be my turn to be the heroine in the adventures the fairies gossip about around the magic pool. Plus, as I'm listing, I can pretend the goblin king on the island resembles the very attractive David Bowie.

  10. My Number is 623

    Now, onto the good stuff.

    Be OK - Ingred Michealson

    We all have those days, and this song is really good for being lifted out of the funk that so often comes with one of those days.

    Bottle it Up - Sara Barillias

    To remind me to always have my own point of view and no particular compunction about expressing it - that's just how she strikes me.

    Pinch Me - The Barenaked Ladies

    Its a perfect song to end a perfect day with.

    Call me when you're sober - Evenessence

    I sound really good when I sing this one. (Not just in my own mind, people have told me so too)

    The Bird and The Worm - Owl City

    It was the first dance song at my wedding, and therefore will always have a place in my heart.

  11. Here's my song selection!

    1. Utopia by Within Temptation - Because everytime this song comes on the CD player in the car it seems to rain!! Which of course may prove useful on the island, plus it's a very beautiful song.

    2. Crimson Dawn by Seth Lakeman - A beautiful song about a shipwreck, with meaningful lyrics and a lovely melody. Perfect song to listen to watching the tide at night.

    3. Fires at Midnight by Blackmore's Night - An evening magical campfire song that will get everyone on their feet and dancing!

    4. Mordred's Lullaby by Heather Dale - A favourite song based on Arthurian legends. A dark lullaby to help everyone get to sleep.

    5. Distant Sun by Crowded House - Had to include a song by my favourite band of all time. I find this song very inspiring and uplifting, and I think others would too!

    Lovely to read everyone elses song lists, going to have to look some of them up as they sound very intriguing, especially the talking crows!

    My number? 888 please! :)

  12. 1. Call the Names by Heather Dale is the sweetest ideal of medieval/castle life, and as an ideal is completely enchanted. It's also fun to sing along with, and covers both peaceful and wartime aspects of life with the same upbeat spirit. This sets the mood of an enchanted island.

    2. Hello, Little Girl sung by Danielle Ferland and Robert Westenberg, from the Bernadette Peters broadway adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods is an introduction to all the dark, horrible, humorous desires and problems of fairy tales.

    3. The Call by Regina Spektor urges the opposite side of us-the noble, loving, heroic desires that burn so strongly in many tales.

    4. Edge of Night by Billy Boyd as Pippin in Return of the King brings the quests, the attempts, and all reasons home to everyone as both terribly important and finite things with endings.

    5. Some Days by Aselin Debison brings daily life into more normal circumstances of being trying as often as wonderful, but keeps a sense of magic and meaning into every joy or dread to be faced in a normal day.

    I love these songs, and many of the songs I love are from soundtracks of awesome films. Also, Heather Dale is a goddess. In fact, I think she'd be goddess #998.

  13. My number for this entry: 777

    1. "Dangerously in Love" by Beyonce

    This is a love song that touches on how any of us can fall painfully and unbearably in love. As much pain as this can cause if things don't work out, being in that place, so far in love, it's intoxicating.

    2. "Silent Lucidity" by QueensRyche

    I saw the video of this song on MTV nearly 2 decades ago, back when they actually played music videos regularly. I was drawn to that beautiful voice. The song captured me then and holds me to this day.

    2. "Forgiven" by Alanis Morissette

    The lyrics, the composition, the emotion in Alanis's voice. Every time I play this song in my car, I have to keep the windows rolled up because I'm guaranteed to belt out in some off-note key.

    3. "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen

    Is there really a need to go into details? This song is epic.

    4. "Crawling" by Linkin Park

    I love Linkin Park. I love Linkin Park. And...oh yeah, did I say I really love Linkin Park?

    5. "Fly Away" by Lenny Kravitz

    Lenny Kravitz is so sexy it's ridiculous. Aside from that, this song always makes me want to get up and dance like no one's watching.

  14. Okay, for my number, how about 555.

    This is a playlist I made for a character for a story, and I think they work for a fairytale island also. They are about opposites held in tension - beauty/ugliness, sound/silence/meaning/muteness, male/female, cool/uncool, living/dead, fantasy/reality, love/hate, and what harms/what protects.

    1. Ugly is Beautiful by David Usher

    2. There is No Language in My Lungs by XTC

    3. Cloak of Elvenkind by Marcy Playground

    4. Still Alive from the video game Portal

    5. Armor and Sword by Rush

    --Mae Empson

  15. 896: My second entry!

    "Fireflies"--Owl City

    This song had been on the radio a lot, but I had simply never paid attention to it. Finally, while I was working for a program known as Upward Bound--a wonderful program that allows high school students to experience college early for 6 weeks in the summer--I heard one of my students--a girl I knew personally as well--sing it in the talent show that had been organized for the regular staff. It was the first time I was really hearing the lyrics , and I just thought them so beautiful. It's been one of my favorite songs since.

    "Almost Unreal"--Roxette

    A song that I first heard back in 1993 at the end of the Super Mario Bros. movie (during the credits). I was roughly seven years old, and I just fell in love with this song. It was one that gave me the feeling that magic was real, and I would fast-forward (age of VCRs) to the end of the movie and then rewind and rewind to listen to it over and over again. It was years before I even really realized who sang it… which lead Roxette to being one of my favorite groups.

    "The Call"--Regina Spektor

    To be honest, I was watching Disney's The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian when I first heard this one. But I heard every word as it played during the last scene of the movie, and it actually moved me to tears. It's still a song that gets me a little choked up for reasons I can't really explain, but I love it.

    "The Time Warp"--Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack

    I was 12 years old and established three things that my mother knew well: I was a vampire fan (long before Twilight was out), Tim Curry was one of my favorite actors, and I loved musicals. With that in mind--and not the adult nature of the movie--my mother called me in one evening as she noticed Rocky Horror Picture Show was playing on VH1. It was right at the moment where "The Time Warp" was played, and my mother filled me in that this was the most popular song from this movie. She also ensured that I stayed long enough to see "Sweet Transvestite" performed by my favorite actor in lingerie. It quickly became one of my favorite movie, with "Time Warp" becoming both a favorite song and dance of mine. However, I guess I sensed the nature of the film and left the room shortly after "Sweet Transvestite." I would not see it to the end for a few more years. But this song and moment is one of my favorite childhood memories.

    "Sorcerer's Pledge"--Candlemas

    A random song from a random 80s rock group. I honestly can't remember where I first heard it. But I do remember it being the inspiration behind many of my earlier writings. It was probably the first song that I ever realized told a story instead of just being a song. And because of this, I was inspired to tell many more stories while it played on my media player.

  16. I see a few I recognize in here. :)

    My selections:

    1. "One Day More" from Les Miserables. It means I get snippets of the whole awesome musical; it interweaves so many different voices and stories; and it's just epic to listen to. And it's full of the sense that something grand/exciting/perilous is about to happen, entirely appropriate for Enchanted Island.

    2. "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence", Ralph Vaughan Williams' arrangement. Hard to beat for a sense of awe and wonder.

    3. "Downeaster Alexa" by Billy Joel. (Or so many others, but we'll go with this one.) A much homelier setting, but it's one man's epic struggle. Also embodies the endurance/persistence that's necessary to survive on Enchanted Island.

    4. "Jolly Mon" by Jimmy Buffett. Peril, magic, and an unexpected happy ending. What else do you need?

    5. "This Is Our House" by Bon Jovi. Fairy-tale connections, well, ask the Three Little Pigs. Or the Three Bears.

    ***selections brought to you by the Department of Now For Something Completely Different and by the number 612.

  17. #376

    Wicked Girls by Seanan McGuire
    Wendy on Board by SJ Tucker
    Red-handed Jill by SJ Tucker
    Green-Eyed Sue/Sue's Jig by SJ Tucker
    My Story is Not Done by Seanan McGuire

    This is a small chunk of my faery tales playlist by my two favorite filk artists whom really know what they're doing. Wicked Girls is about Wendy Darling, Alice, and Dorothy Gale, an about how they had to grow up or went mad because they couldn't find the freedom they needed in order to thrive. The song is also about other girls and women having the courage to take that freedom.

    The next three songs are SJ Tucker's Wendy Trilogy, which retell Wendy Darling's story in Peter and Wendy so that Wendy joins Hook's crew, overthrows him, and starts her own crew of pirate girls. In all of literature, I identify most with Wendy so it's comforting to here a story about her taking control.

    The final song is about Cinderella's daughter, and it closes out the theme that stories about girls are often twisted into something that isn't true. I like to think girls and women would be having thrilling adventures on a faery tale island that, and that those adventures wouldn't always involve a prince.

  18. Ooh, such fun!

    1. Hidden Away - Josh Groban. I love to sing along with this, even though he's a baritone, 'cause the words are just so poignant and make me cry. It's sort of a lost-love song, with an overture of hope written into the melody and lyrics. BEAUTIFUL.

    2. All I ask of You - Phantom of the Opera w/ Sarah Brightman. I just love this because, again, I love to sing with it, and it's got to be one of the prettiest love songs EVER! Also, the whole Phantom of the Opera musical is pretty amazin'.

    3. Into the West - Annie Lennox. I simply adore this song because it was the ending track for Lord of the Rings, and when I sing along with it I imagine the movie and usually cry along with the french horn bits. :) This song can really inspire me when I'm writing.

    4. You are Loved (Don't Give up) - Josh Groban. I ADORE this song because it is very positive and uplifting, and it's sung by my favourite singer. I also saw him sing this in concert, so it holds special meaning for me.

    5. Lily's Eyes - Anthony Warlow. I love this song mainly because the singer gets so involved with the lyrics the music just hits you right in the heart. He also has an amazing voice, and he is an amazing singer because he suffered from, I believe it was lymphoma, yet he's come back from that and is still performing.

    My random number: 511. (That's how many followers you've got right now. :D )

  19. Now for enchanted songs, the sequel!

    1. The Wanderer by Marc Broussard is such a wonderful combination of vulnerability and self-proclamation. The most romantic thing to me is how he knows just exactly who he is, and what he can offer, and he does it in style.

    2. All at Sea by Jamie Cullum is a slow, relaxed, vacation equivalent of every solitary moment you've ever wanted to wallow in for yourself. Very good for magical islanders.

    3. You Took the Words Right Out of my Mouth by Meat Loaf. Rock opera for the win! I love the creepy intro and how it melts into the way teenage romance ought to be rocked out, rolled into, and thoroughly celebrated.

    4. Catch Me by Mir brings to life the delicious tense buildup to great romances. You're flying, fearing, and pulling strings whenever that other person pops up.

    5. If I Had a Boat by Lyle Lovett is all about dreams, wonders, and going places. Also, it provides the perfect ambiance for my head's desert island, where there is enchantment enough to make this song come true!

    If I had pony, I'd ride it on my boat #508

  20. My number is #701

    1.) "Howl" by Florence and the Machines
    "If you could only see the beast you made of me…" Perhaps a more literal lyric on our fairy tale inspired island? A song of dangerous, unstoppable emotion--sign me up for it. I'll need this one to get through the scarier romances taking place on the island.

    2.) "What If" by Emilie Autumn
    In a land of fantasy, is anything what it seems? "What If" will leave me constantly inspired to think about what story lays behind every creature on the Island. Also, it's just a lovely song to have stuck on repeat.

    3.) "Show Me the Way" by Styx
    With its dreamy quality, it's a song we can all relate to on the island when we see heroes acting like villains and our magical world seems to be turning dark.

    4.) "Never-Ending Road" by Loreena McKennitt
    I would never enter a magical land without at least one song by the lovely Loreena McKennitt. Her enchanting voice is sure to leave you uplifted. It's such a romantic journeying song.

    5.) "One" by Johnny Cash
    Perhaps the rest of Enchanted Island won't appreciate Cash, but he's inspired so many sad endings in my tales. This particular song, though, should be a theme for the mortals among the immortals. We've only got the one life, after all.

  21. Another entry since I KNOW it's been 24 hours.... :D

    I would have to add Fairy Tale by Sarah Bareilles, cause, well, all the references to fairy tales, with a dose of reality. Plus I just love her tunes.

    Yael Naim's New Soul, because it's about new places and it's sooo beautiful, I can never hear it too many times.

    A Fish Called Prince by Neine Lakaien (from the Where's Neil When You Need Him album), which is about a magical fish--what more could you ask for on a fairy tale island?

    Loreena McKennitt's Bonny Swans, although pretty much her entire albums put me in the mood for fairy tales and mythology....

    Us by Regina Spektor... elements and imagery of heroes and strange happenings, mixed in with her subtle commentary on life and relationships.... okay I just love Regina!

  22. Dang it, I did it again! I get so interested in the music that I forget I'm even entering a contest....


  23. Yay, contest!

    Here are the songs I would be bringing to the island:

    1. "Today was A Fairytale", Taylor Swift

    This song celebrates how when you are with someone you love, even everyday things can be magical, which I'm sure our time on the Enchanted Island will be.

    2. "Something There", Belle and Beast (Beauty and the Beast OST)

    Beauty and the Beast is actually my favorite Disney princess movie of all time, and I'd like to bring this song along to the island, because it's very upbeat and cheerful, and would be great to listen to over and over, and also because it's all about seeing things in a new way, how even beasts can become princes, when you learn to see things for what they truly are. That for me is truly magical, and thus great for the island's playlist.

    3. "Summer" (Presto movement, Vivaldi's Four Seasons), David Garrett version

    Because on the island, I'm sure we're going to have lots of adventures, and the last movement of Vivaldi's Summer concerto, which is so fast, so energetic, would be appropriate background music for it. (I'm ridiculously fond of classical crossover music, and David Garrett is my favorite violinist, hence this version.)

    4. "You'll Be Safe Here", Rivermaya

    Rivermaya is a rock band from my country, and this song, apart from its very romantic and positive message, has a nice fantasy/fairy tale-ish feel to it, hence I think would also be great on the island's playlist. We'll be "safe here" on the island too, not just from scary things, but from the worries we would be leaving behind in the real life.

    5. "I See The Light", Rapunzel and Flynn (Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi, Tangled OST)

    I think this would be a great song to wind down our evenings on the island, since it's slow and mellow, and also incredibly romantic and uplifting. I suppose in the Enchanted Island, we will be able to leave our everyday cares behind, and it would be like "the sky is new", so this song goes.

    Number: 713

  24. My second post, some time later:

    1. Moon Cradle, Loreena McKennitt--a haunting lullaby from her earlier works. Just two or three chords, which makes it easy to play and to sing. Very soothing.

    2. Please Let Me Be Your Third World Country - The Bobs.
    Polar opposite of the above. Jazzy, upbeat, fun to sing along to, and it has moments of sheer political-correctness-gone-farcical.

    3. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee - Buffy Ste. Marie
    Justifiably angry; a protest song about the treatment of the Native Americans by the (predominantly) white populations, both historically and today. A stirring anthem.

    4. Vapour Angels - Kathy Mar
    Another protest song, this time against nuclear arms and war, by a woman who started her career of protest and folk singing during Vietnam. This one is bluesy, laid-back, and features truly awesome vocals. It sets its mythology.

    5. Falling Slowly - Once soundtrack
    This song won the Oscar, and deservedly so. Even without the emotional impact of the film behind it, it's simple and affecting. Again, it creates its own kind of mundane mythology (Games that never amount / to more than they're meant / will play themselves out), lifting the song and the feelings above the quotidian.

    All of these lift in some fashion, making the mundane less so.

    My number is 587.

  25. My second entry! :-)

    1. Let me Fly - Sara Kempe. I love this one because the singer is so good, and I can sing along with her while I'm making dinner, and the words are just waaaaay inspiring!

    Majesty - Hayley Westenra. Again, I just love this because of the almost solemn melody of this song, as well as the lyrics. It reminds me of the way I feel after receiving Communion. Also, Hayley's vocal range and mine are about the same, so I LOVE singing along with her!

    3. Peter Kagan and the Wind - Tommy Makem with Liam Clancy. This song is more of a ballad, where it tells an actual story rather than just a song, and I absolutely love it because its about absolute true love as well as ultimate sacrifice because of that love. Also, the way these two Irish singers perform it as a duet is something to chill your blood, it's so amazing.

    4. How Could I Ever Know? - Rebecca Luker. This is one of the most heartbreaking songs from The Secret Garden musical, and the spirit of Lily, Archibald Craven's wife, comes to him and asks him how could she know how badly she would hurt him by dying. It's sort of a "I'm still here, but you can go on without me." It's absolutely the most gorgeously sad and uplifting song. Really. :-)

    5. The Girl in 14G - Kristin Chenoweth. This song is a RIOT! If you haven't heard it before, look it up on youtube. I LOVE this one 'cause it's such fun to sing, and you can really "act" the scene as you sing. TONS of fun to do!

    For my random number... oh, lets say 619.

  26. 763-- My last entry!

    "Black Velvet"--Alannah Myles

    This is another one of those "it's been my favorite since childhood" songs. Funnily enough, I just now learned it was about Elvis. I had always just thought it was about alcohol. Yes, even as a child. It doesn't matter. I still love it.

    "I Love the Night"--Blue Oyster Cult

    I became a BOC fan after I ended up falling in love with one of their most famous songs, after hearing it on an episode of Supernatural. Then, my best friend directed me to this song. It's beautiful, soothing, and haunting all at the same time. The story it tells is interesting and I just love the images it invokes.

    "Holding Out for a Hero"--Bonnie Tyler

    It comes to the point where, if you have three different versions of the same song, you just have to realize it's one of your favorites. Such is the case with this one. I fell in love with the Bonnie Tyler version first--which is why I've chosen to list her as the artist--but I also love the two versions on the Shrek 2 soundtrack. The lyrics, the swell, the general beat… I love it. It's one of those songs that just begs me to sing every time I hear it. And, oddly enough, the Jennifer Saunders version on the Shrek 2 is quickly overtaking the other two--the third version being sung by Frou Frou--as my favorite version.

    "Gimme Gimme Gimme (a Man After Midnight)"--ABBA

    Same as the song above, I have like two or three versions of it on my media player. Although my mother is a huge ABBA fan, I actually first heard the version on the Little Vampire soundtrack. I can't recall the artist of that version, but I love all three. It's another one of those songs that I just love to sing along with.

    "All Souls Night"--Loreena McKennitt

    Like one of the songs on my earlier entries, this one goes back to me writing one of my first novel attempts. It was another one that when I got to a scene where it was more heartfelt than action, this song helped me right along.

  27. Riffing on the island nature of this:

    1. Many Rivers to Cross - Jimmy Cliff.
    Because Cliff's voice is such a great counterpoint to the melody. And because by remembering this song, I'll bring the entire "The Harder They Come" soundtrack to mind.

    2. Mondo Bongo - Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros.
    I tried, I really tried, to find an islandy Clash song, but this is as close as I came. And I do love it. Even though the lyrics are semi-nonsensical, there is something languid and wistful about it suited to beachfront evenings.

    3. Mas Papaya - Sidestepper.
    Because it is the quintessential dance song, and I can't stand still when it plays.

    4. A Pirate Looks at Forty - Jimmy Buffet.
    Any song with the line "I'm an over-forty victim of fate" has something to say to me (especially if I'm stranded on an island with only five songs to listen to). A little melancholy, a little sun-soaked, a little funny.

    5. La Cumbia del Mole - Lila Downs (English version or Spanish version, either).
    Another song that makes me want to dance, but also a recipe for mole (a Oaxacan-Mexican dish that is, imho, perfection itself). If we're all stranded on the island together I'll cook it for you. Honest. So long as I have the song to remind me of all the ingredients.


    Number: 999 (why not?)

  28. My song picks:

    1. Josh Groban "You are Loved" -- This is an uplifting song that always makes me smile when I'm feeling down. I even dance around my room while listening to it.
    2. Tori Amos "Winter" -- Gorgeous piano and "coming of age" lyrics that always inspire a bout a nostalgia.
    3. Celtic Woman "Caledonia" -- A gorgeous rendition of Dougie McLean's original, and listening to it reminds me of the happy times I spent living in Scotland. I really do miss that lovely country!
    4. Loreena McKennitt "The Mummer's Dance" -- I love the unique, folkloric sound of this song paired with Loreena's amazing voice.
    5. Raphael "Caravane" -- I love the story this song tells, about a gypsy boy who has to leave his love because his family is moving on. Gorgeous chords, gorgeous lyrics, gritty voice.


  29. My number? 666 :D

    I figure that with all that's going on in an Enchanted Island, I'll need a playlist to remind me of who I am, and to help me find my way back to that person when needed. So:

    1 - Drought by Vienna Teng.
    (I identify with this song in so many ways--in my creative endeavors, in dealing with the last relationship I was in, and in just simply remembering who I am.)

    2 - Exile by Enya.
    (This has remained my favourite song for years, mainly because I so identify with the lonesome sound of it. It reminds me why I'm a dreamer, and takes me to a place inside me that I often lose in the hustle and bustle of the day.)

    3 - Mark's Song by Echo's Children.
    (This is a filk song written about one of my favourite series of books: The Vorkosigan Saga. It deals with the book Mirror Dance in particular, which is my favourite of the series because I can identify so much with the main character. He's lost, alone, depressed, and unsure of who he is, but by the end he discovers his value and gains an identity.)

    4 - Clohinne Winds by Niamh Parsons.
    (This song speaks to the deepest parts of me, the dreamer that often wakes from her dreams unsure how she fits in with reality.)

    5 - Eight Easy Steps by Alanis Morissette
    (A bit of a strange end to this list, but so much of this song reflects how I've felt in different stages throughout my life, especially the line "how to keep smiling when you're thinking of killing yourself". It reminds me of where I've been, and why I moved on from those pieces of myself.)

  30. A second day, a second five:

    1. Queen of the slipstream - Van Morrison.
    Queens, poetic champions, restorative fountains, secrets ... a pack full of fairytale motifs disguised as a love song. Plus, it's Van Morrison.

    2. Roisin Dubh (Black Rose) - Thin Lizzy.
    Cú Chulainn and the troubles in one song. Shout outs to Yeats and Joyce and Wilde.'Nuff said.

    3. Death Don't Have No Mercy - Hot Tuna.
    Have loved this just about forever. And, is there a bigger character in any mythos than Death?

    4. Back to the house that love built - Tito Larriva.
    Pure Texas, and nothing overtly otherworldly ... but I hear a little "oblivion in the arms of the faery queen and disappearance into the faery mounds" quality to it. And it's just such an undiscovered little gem of a song...

    5. Magic - Bruce Springsteen.
    Such an underappreciated piece - tense and atmospheric. Sleight-of-hand or dark magic?

    Hmm. My second number ... 401.

  31. Now for round three!

    1. Here's to the Night by Eve 6 is one of the few songs that fairly often can get me choked up. It's throbbingly alive, but the harbinger of ends. I often put is on when in a raw mood.

    2. Model of a Modern Major General from Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan is the most delightful song that's too fast to sing. It's humor, charm, and singalong strains racing together to draw in any audience.

    3. Take me for Longing by Alison Krauss tugs at me. It's a different kind of love story, a special kind of moment, and dancing kind of strains. Both invitation and declaration, and absolutely lovely.

    4. On My Own from Les Miserables original Broadway recording renewed my interest in singing when it had become relegated to absent-minded humming or the occasional singalong. The power of the melody and expression of the lyrics pull me in every time.

    5. Hunter by Heather Dale is the song I relate to most in my relationship and one of the songs I want at my wedding. The music swirls you around, swoops and dives, while her gorgeous voice slides her message of love and independence into my heart.

    For my last number, I'll take 443.

  32. My third and final entry!


    "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley
    We're on an island, right? Well, I have to have at least one beach song the mermaids and I can appreciate. Also, with this playing, we can all forget about the wicked witch living next door.

    "Spirit In the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum
    Ok, so perhaps this song conjures up thoughts of "The Little Mermaid" ending and the air spirits taking us away at the end of our fairy tale, but that aside, for me, this is a comfort song. Somehow pumps me up and keeps my faith rolling at the same time. I've got to have this song for the days when island life becomes too much.

    "Dream a Little Dream of Me" sung by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
    I'll need a song to lull me to sleep and inspire dreams of sweet romance and happy times. This song is perfect and always puts me in a good mood. I also want this song played at my funeral, and, well, if I plan on staying on the island for the rest of my days...

    "Your Guardian Angel" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    Perhaps a newer song needs to accompany me as well. I love this inspiring song of promise and ultimate admiration. Though it implies romance, I always imagine giving this promise to my brother: "I will never let you fall." So, yes, this song must go with me.

    "Carry on My Wayward Son" by Kansas
    There's too much inspiration in this one song for me to leave it behind in the world without magic. Every hero is driven by the promise of a return to what he knows is home, whether home is a place or a person. Yes, this song definitely must come with me, just in case I'm sent on any quests.

    (And, if by chance, I find a pirate smuggler willing to carry an illegal extra playlist, I might hand him my CCR album...)

  33. Sigh, I'm really not doing well on this. I thought it was a number between 300 and 1000. So here is my last post with a qualifying number.


    Wicked Girls by Seanan McGuire
    Wendy on Board by SJ Tucker
    Red-handed Jill by SJ Tucker
    Green-Eyed Sue/Sue's Jig by SJ Tucker
    My Story is Not Done by Seanan McGuire

    This is a small chunk of my faery tales playlist by my two favorite filk artists whom really know what they're doing. Wicked Girls is about Wendy Darling, Alice, and Dorothy Gale, an about how they had to grow up or went mad because they couldn't find the freedom they needed in order to thrive. The song is also about other girls and women having the courage to take that freedom.

    The next three songs are SJ Tucker's Wendy Trilogy, which retell Wendy Darling's story in Peter and Wendy so that Wendy joins Hook's crew, overthrows him, and starts her own crew of pirate girls. In all of literature, I identify most with Wendy so it's comforting to here a story about her taking control.

    The final song is about Cinderella's daughter, and it closes out the theme that stories about girls are often twisted into something that isn't true. I like to think girls and women would be having thrilling adventures on a faery tale island that, and that those adventures wouldn't always involve a prince.

  34. I only found this contest in time for one entry, durn it. How to winnow it down to five? Hmmmm...

    Gotta start with 'our song', the one I wooed my wife of now thirty years with, the Flamingoes cover of "I Only Have Eyes For You". No reason to only break it out for anniversaries and such.

    I quoted the penultimate line of Jimmy Buffett's "He Went to Paris" in my grandmother's eulogy - 'Some of it's magic, and some of it's tragic, but I've had a good life always' - so that one seems fitting.

    The 70s Irish folk-rock band Horslips' "Dearg Doom" is the rockingest song ever about the Irish hero, Cuchullain. My ancestors may have left the Emerald Isle for the American colonies three hundred years ago, but the mythology of that land still entrances.

    I first heard "Your Move" by Yes while reading an issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland, specifically an article about The Bride of Frankenstein. Every time I watch that movie, I can't help by think of the song. Odd what connections our brains make at a young age, no? Put it on the list.

    Wicked Wilson Pickett's "Mustang Sally" has to bring up the rear, since I just bought a Mustang convertible as my mid-life crisis present to myself.

    I do affirm that I am well over 18. In fact, I'm close to three times that age. :) Not to old to have fun with music, though.

    My number is, oh, 615.

    Hope this doesn't post twice. I am old enough that technology does not always work the way I think it's going to.

  35. Okay, here's my 2nd entry. The number is 600.

    (This is Mae Empson; kathrynempson@gmail.com)

    I interviewed my husband to build a playlist that came to his mind with the theme "Enchanted Island", and he pulled up song after song for me to listen to on the computer. This was a fun project to do together.

    #1 Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole was the first song he suggested. I'd never heard this version until my husband played it for me. It's lovely, mellow, and hopeful/sad. The singer is from Hawaii, which is the association with theme of island music, but also I think raises a great line of thought that an Enchanted Island might owe as much to the fairy tales of island nations, as the ones we know best.

    #2 Hymn to Red October by Basil Poleduris. This is epic, gorgeous, haunting, and majestic. My husband suggested it. He's a Navy guy. I saw the original movie with my Dad who works with submarines, a very warm memory. And Russians have a claim to any fairytale island. This hymn echoes in the deep around the isle as glass submarines shaped like coral slide among the depths...

    And that get us thinking about how you get to the enchanted isle, which brought us to:

    #3 Ride Captain Ride by Blues Image Love this song. This one captures the invitation to the island. The lyrics require no explanation. "We're callin' everyone to ride along to another shore" where "we can laugh our lives away and be free once more".

    #4 Who'll Stop the Rain by Cleerence Clearwater Revival. Why do we go? The rain keeps falling, beating us down. "Caught up in the fable I watched the tower grow"

    #5 Whiter Shade of Pale by Procol Harum. I swear I've never read the lyrics of this song before tonight. Wow! This song is a fairy tale, a miller's tale, a romance about a woman from the sea, perhaps a mermaid. It's just gorgeous and perfect.

    So that's our playlist! :)

  36. My last entry. How sad! I gotta say, though, I'm lovin' all the songs I'm seeing out here. Some really great ones!

    1. Higher Window - Josh Groban. I love this song to pieces because, first of all, it's JOSH that sings it, and also because of the lyrics and the way the music swells to the refrain.

    2. Wild Horses - Susan Boyle. She does an amazing job on this song. I don't much care for the original, but this version is really haunting and spine-tingling. Beautiful.

    3. This is the Moment - Jekyll and Hyde w/ Anthony Warlow. Again, this man has got to be one of my more favourite singers - he played Enjolras in one of the Les Mis productions, and that is my favourite version of that musical - but this song is so stinkin' powerful and strong that I just absolutely adore listening to it.

    4. Rule the World - Camilla Kerslake. I tend to lean toward British singers or "Un-American" singers for my girls. I think it's because they sing more classical music, and I prefer that. This song is, in a word, amazing. Camilla has one of the clearest soprano voices I've ever heard, yet she takes this song and infuses power into it. Gorgeous.

    5. Follow Your Heart - Mario Frangoulis. This Greek singer really just delivers in this song. He has this impressive tenor voice that quivers through your soul, and the lyrics for this song are simply to die for.

    I wish I could put down more songs! I'm having the hardest time paring my faves down to just five. :)

    My random number is... hmm. How 'bout 673? Sounds good. 673

  37. K'nan: Waving Flag: K'nan

    We need an inspiring, international song for our playlist.

    Bocelli: Time to Say Goodbye Bocelli

    How can we NOT put a classic opera song? Sweet, sad, and powerful.

    Marvin Gaye: Let's Get it On Marvin Gay

    The classic pop song. I don't think any best of list would be complete without this song. Read High Fidelity for more details.

    Miles Davis: Blue in Green

    A wailing, classic piece of jazz. We need music for all moods.

    Eddie Rabbitt: I Love a Rainy Night

    Every list also needs a silly pop song. And what do we do if it rains?

    Random Number: 876