July 6, 2011

Countdown To Giveaway Bonanza Begins!

Yep, over the course of the next month, we will have contests and giveaways. The actual events do not start until next week, so PLEASE don't try to enter yet!

We're doing this to reward readers, to promote the work of our amazing readers and writers, and, in the first set of giveaways, promote the work of some talented artists and vendors at Etsy, who have donated pieces for this promotion.

So this week is all about the donated prizes. Fittingly enough, we begin with a magic wand, donated by Israeli artist Cecilia Cohen. Currently, she is a glass artist.

I can personally attest to the beauty of her wands. I have a lovely, twisty little blue wand from her that sits right in my hand and looks lovely even when the light isn't hitting it. Believe me, pictures do not do her work justice. The colors in her work are truly luscious!

Cecilia Cohen has three Etsy stores and a blog. Here are the links, starting with the one where I bought my magic wand.:

String Thingy
Custom Memories (Israel)
Jester Jewelry
Blog: Glass and Light

The prize pictured above, Chaos One, is a small glass wand, with a powerful twist of color at the top. The base is slim, clear glass.


  1. I'm excited! Thanks for being one of the most engaging and generous magazine around, EC.

  2. Oooh it's lovely! I am excited to watch for giveaways! I love how interactive this magazine is. :D

  3. Oh, that's so neat!

    I LOVE EC!