July 11, 2011

Celtic Cross Earrings -- Another Sponsored Prize!

Many fairy tale lovers and lovers of all things fae enjoy Celtic fairy stories and lore. Of course, these earrings from The Queen's Dowry are crosses, but Irish mysticism stretches across many boundaries and belief systems.

Besides, these earrings are just pretty, aren't they? Patricia, the artist behind The Queen's Dowry, has been creating since childhood. Her Etsy profile states that it all began with crocheting and soon moved on to jewelry making and selling.

The pieces at The Queen's Dowry are diverse, bold, and still very lovely -- even when skulls are involved! The daughter of a tool and die maker who encouraged her talents, Patricia casts many of her pieces from old tooling. Very cool!

Once again, we have a gorgeous prize from a talented artist. Check out her shop. Her work is amazing! The giveaway is coming soon.


  1. I love those too! SO absolutely lovely!

  2. Those are beautiful earrings! I adore Celtic jewelry - my wedding ring is Celtic.

  3. The etsy site has some great jewelry!!