May 14, 2011

'Snow White' Submission Window Closing Soon!

We've received oodles of "Snow White" themed poems so far, but have room for more. There are fewer than 12 hours left, so please send that poem in if you have written one!

There will, of course, be a contest associated with the "Snow White" poetry issue, so please keep coming back. More and More goodies are planned, but you need to follow us through Google Follower, Twitter (it will come up as Diamonds and Toads) or as a Facebook friend or fan. Commenting is great as well. We'd love to start a "Comment of the Month" program.

1 comment

  1. My comment: many thanks for the prompt & encouraging acknowledgment of my submission. I know it doesn't signify anything beyond that (just in case that needed to be clarified), but that email was a much-needed boost to my morning!