May 10, 2011

Please Take Poll on Forgotten Fairy Tale Book!

Hello! I have emerged from grading and am ready to refocus on Diamonds and Toads and Enchanted Conversation.

We have a poll I have just posted above about interest in an EC book on forgotten fairy tales.

The window for the all-poetry "Snow White" edition opens tonight at midnight. Please see "Submissions"above for information and please do not submit before reading it. Extra reminders: We are not for children, but are aimed at 13 years old or above. Think late Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. All correspondence will be short. Following can come through Gmail Follower, Twitter or Facebook.

There's a giveaway at D&T for $25 until next week!

Finally, the guest blogger program is a go! We are choosing some artwork and are almost there.

"Snow Drop" illustration by WC Drupsteen.

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