May 15, 2011

How To Support Enchanted Conversation, 'Cause We Need It!

We hope you all love Enchanted Conversation as much as we do. As many of you know, we now pay professional rates to writers and poets.We also run contests (and would like to run a lot more). We'd even like to develop an EC Yearbook of stories and poems.

But to accomplish these goals, we need support. Here's how you can help us:
1) Talk us up on Facebook as much as possible. That means pressing Facebook buttons on the site and becoming a fan and friend.
2) Comment, comment, comment. Your thoughts on stories, posts and poems really matter.
3) Give us shout outs on your blogs. Give us tweets whenever you can. Follow us in every way you can.
4) Visit EC as much as possible.
5) Don't be shy about emailing us once and awhile to let us know how you are supporting us. Just drop us a line at
6) We have to run ads. Consider clicking on ads just for fun. You never know. You just might buy something.
7) If we get lots of Facebook fans and friends and Twitter followers and page views, we can attract first-rate advertisers.That means more writing opportunities.
8) If your work is chosen for EC, you'll want as many people as possible to read it. The amount of buzz you help create for EC will improve the impact of your story or poem.
Please help!
Kate Wolford
Editor, Enchanted Conversation.


  1. I just did a post which links to this page from my blog.

  2. Is it possible to list the titles of some good collections of classic / original fairy tales? It took quite some time to find a copy that wasn't filled with stories that were modified for children or other modern sensibilities.