April 27, 2011

Radishpunzel, By Megan Engelhardt

Lips as red as a radish; eyes 

as green as a radish leaf.  Skin as white as the 

first bite into a radish.  Hair as twisted as radish

 roots.  A tower as high as radish shoots.  

The witch as bitter as the

 inside of a raw fresh


Megan says, "I grew up in the country and have never liked the taste of radishes, but think the color is lovely.  I have previously been published in Necrotic Tissue and the Silver Boomer books anthology From the Porch Swing."


  1. A very delightful poem where the beauty of a young girl is compared to a radish plant. Megan is a writer who can find inspiration in a simple garden vegetable. I love radishes,especially roasted. " Very Ina G. and Martha S."
    The Other Julia

  2. Really pretty poem. Made me want to eat a radish- they are great sliced thin with a mandoline, put on a slice of white sandwich bread over butter and sprinkled with salt. Yum.