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The 'Rapunzel' Contest Winners Have Been Chosen

As usual, the process was brutally difficult. Truly, Enchanted Conversation owes so much to its readers and writers. Even when we don't choose a submission, we rarely come away unimpressed by the efforts people make.

Keep writing and keep reading. As for the latter, here are the winning entries; they appear below, in the next four posts. Enjoy!

This image, by Edward John Poynter, seems to reflect the longing Rapunzel must have felt being cooped up in the tower.

The Prince and the Sky-Maiden, By James Hutchings

Once upon a time, long ago, there was a crone named Dokka. Dokka was the cleverest crone that ever there was. If a women who was barren went to her, why by the time Dokka got through with her that woman would lie with her husband in the night and have ten strong babies by morning. A pregnant woman could go to her, and just by looking Dokka could say if her baby was going to be healthy or sick. If there was a thing she couldn't do, I'm sure I've never heard of it.

But Dokka was so clever that she saw a great danger coming, which no one else could see -- or if they could see, they certainly didn't know what to do about it. It was a great evil, with no shape and no sound, and if it had a name only Dokka knew it. It had more power than anyone, even Dokka herself. It wanted only to kill every man, woman and child on the earth, and those it did not kill it wanted to turn into monsters.

At last Dokka told her granddaughter, whose name was Gloria, to come to her house. She cas…

We've Haven't Forgotten EC

No, we haven't forgotten EC, the contest, opportunities for guest blogging or anything else. It's just end of semester time. Give us a couple of weeks. We have good things in store.

Those who have not received replies to emails -- please hold on. We will get back to you.\

Meanwhile, here is a pretty picture of Ozma of Oz, my only hero in childhood.