March 2, 2011

All Submissions Acknowledged

We have reviewed all the emails with submissions that we received last week and have responded to let writers know that we have received the submission. If you have not received a reply, check your spam.

Please do not post questions about the issue in the comments section. Address them at

Every submission is being carefully read, but there are very close to 200. It's going to be tough to whittle it down to 10 acceptances, but we will. The staff is hard at work, but we are reading with care. Please do remember that when you get a reply and it is not an acceptance, we do not and will not give a reason. We would have to stop publishing if we did that -- there is not enough time!

There are many, many fine submissions. It's an impressive field.

Image is by Walter Crane, and is called "My Soul Is An Enchanted Boat."