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What Kind of Fairy Tale Is 'Rumpelstiltskin'?

It falls under the category of "The Name of the Helper," and it has numerous variants. As part of the "Enchanted Conversation rules of the game, writers and poets can choose to examine any variant of a thematic tale. What's more, any aspect of any variant is fair game. Don't get stuck in slavishly close retellings. The merest whiff of an original tale in the theme may be enough. Be inspired by, not beholden to the story of "Rumpelstiltskin."

For inspiration, here's a Slav version: Kinkach Martinko Once upon a time there was a poor woman who had an only daughter, named Helen, a very lazy girl. One day when she had refused to do a single thing, her mother took her down to the banks of a stream and began to strike her fingers with a flat stone, just as you do in beating linen to wash it. 

The girl cried a good deal. A prince, Lord of the Red Castle, happened at that moment to pass by, and inquired as to the cause of such treatment, for it horrified hi…

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