January 7, 2011

Working on Followers Gadget

Still working hard on the site, but we seem to be having issues with the Follower Gadget. We'll work on getting everything fixed -- we are trying to get problems worked out NOW so we will not have them when we put out the issues! Please be patient. You may see the gadget coming and going, but it will turn out.

We've already received loads of interest about EC's second volume. As for writers and poets, you'll want to keep coming back all year. There will be special project opportunities and contests, and of course, the four main issues.

1 comment

  1. I was searching for articles to comment on when I stumbled upon this picture. It dose not have any story with it but I find it very interesting. I could see a scene maybe similar to Snow White where a young beautiful women is connecting with nature. The woman in the back could represent a jealous woman looking on with envy at the young girl. In the foreground the woman is connecting with a young doe and has brightly colored hair and is surrounded young beautiful plants. The woman in the back is amidst the elder and gnarled trees which could be a symbol of her old age. It is also interesting that there are two black birds or maybe crows looming in the distance with the old woman. I see the birds and a representation of the cunning of the woman who maybe is plotting to steal the youth of the young woman. Its interesting at how much a story could develop from a photo or how a photo can enhance a story.

    Jake Crawford