January 2, 2011

Submission Requirements

UNDER CONSTRUCTION, but, fairytalemagazine.com will be the new address for Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine

All Important Deadlines:
Submissions for issue one, volume two, will be open starting Feb. 21 at 12 a.m., EST and closed at 11:59 p.m., EST, Feb. 24. Remember, "Rumpelstiltskin" is the theme. Please adhere to it, but even more important, read the submission guidelines in the post below!

Subsequent themes and deadlines are as follows; Issue Two, poetry only, "Snow White" theme, submission window opens May 11 at 12 a.m., EST, and closes May 14, 11:59 p.m, EST.

Issue Three: "Cinderella" theme, submission window opens at 12 a.m., EST, June 27, and closes at 11:59 p.m., June 30.

Issue Four: "Little Red Riding Hood" theme, submission window opens at 12 a.m., EST , Sept. 27, and closes at 11:59, Sept. 30, EST.

Would-be writers and poets, please keep reading underneath the scroll.

WE ARE UNDER CONSTRUCTION HERE AT fairytalemagazine.com, also known as Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine.  For the archives of  the first year, 2010, please check out EnchantedConversation.org.

However, if you are interested in writing for us in 2011, get a head start by checking out our guidelines, below.

As noted above, the first issue theme will be "Rumpelstiltskin." That means only stories and poems based on that story or its variants will be accepted. But any aspect or character of "Rumpelstilskin can be the focus of stories or poems.
ONLY 10 works per issue will be chosen. That means any combination of stories and poems.

Please read the following all the way to the very bottom, including the PS. Thank you!

What, exactly, is Enchanted Conversation?

Enchanted Conversation is for lovers of fairy tales all over the world. We hope to entertain and enlighten our readers, and give opportunities to writers, poets, and scholars to have their work published.

We are a nonprofit organization. Many of the rules that follow are an outgrowth of that status. In other words, if we seem extra picky, it’s because nonprofits must toe the line.

What are the rules for submission?

When you provide a short story, a poem, a non-fiction or scholarly article, a fun piece on fairy tales -- in short, any written work we accept, you will be paid for the work.


NEW: Submissions must be pasted into the email form. Do not send any attachments.

Please make your stories or articles single-spaced in terms of lines, with double spacing between paragraphs. Do not indent for new paragraphs.

Provide your full name, address with the submission.

You must also include a brief bio and your Paypal address. The topic line of your submission must include the issue theme and your name. 

You must also provide a word count, and must let us know what your follower name is. (Look to left sidebar to see what a follower is.)

No submissions that do not include all  the information in this first item will be considered.
2) Chosen submissions will be edited -- lightly.
3) The editors will not defend or explain why entries are chosen or not chosen. NO CURRENT STUDENTS OF KATE WOLFORD AT IUSB are eligible. Former students are eligible.
4) There will be a theme for each of the issues. Only submissions that adhere to the theme for an issue will be chosen. Submissions that fail to meet beginning or ending submission dates will not be used. Read the publication to get a feel for the kind of work we look for.
5) We will accept pieces up to 2,000 words, but no longer than 1,500 will be preferred. Understand that your chances of having work accepted are higher if your work, especially a short story, is no longer than 1,500 words.

Plagiarism will void all contracts and the author will be blocked from further submission.
6) Payment is 10 cents a word for stories, poems at a flat rate of $50. No art submissions are being accepted. WE ONLY PAY IN US DOLLARS, NO MATTER WHERE A CONTRIBUTOR LIVES. WE DO NO CURRENCY CONVERSIONS. All accepted contributors must have Paypal accounts. Acceptance is contingent upon the contributor having an account. No account, no payment. 

Note: No exceptions to this Paypal rule.

Payment for written work will be for six months of Exclusive World ELECTRONIC Rights, with work to be archived indefinitely. Written work must not have been previously published in another publication. Further details are spelled out in the contract. Payment will not be made until the contract is formally acknowledged and accepted. Creators of accepted work will get further contract details after being notified of acceptance.
7) Enchanted Conversation is NOT aimed toward children, but that is not because we are anti-children's literature. Indeed, the editorial team includes early-childhood educators. However, we are aiming at a grown-up audience. By their nature, some fairy tales deal with some pretty hair-raising subjects -- we won't shrink from that, but writers should consider that content should show an awareness that younger readers could find their way here. Content must be parent-friendly -- we mean very tame and not beyond, say, the level of Harry Potter in terms of language, romantic interaction, and violence.
8) Submissions will have to be in English, and contributors must be 18 or older, but yes, if you have a Paypal account, it doesn't matter where in the world you live, we'll consider your work. We will make every effort to verify your age.

9) For this to succeed, we'll need lots of readers. Please sign up as a Follower. If you want your work to be noticed, please encourage friends and family to sign up as followers. Twitter about us! Blog about us! Get the word out!  FURTHERMORE, IN ORDER TO BE CONSIDERED FOR SUBMISSION, YOU MUST BECOME A FOLLOWER.

THERE IS NO SUBMISSION FEE, but  your follower identity must be made clear in the submission of your work.

What about other genres?

We firmly respect all of the following genres, but ...
1) NO Gore
2) NO Fantasy of the gaming or role-playing variety. Also, no space travel or science fiction.

3) NO Vampires

4) Minimal romance, in the sense of romance being the point of a fairy tale. Fairy tales are not, for the most part, very romantic -- that is, if you are reading the Brothers Grimm or Perrault versions.
5) NO Sword and sorcery types of stories

Again, we have no dislike of these genres, we enjoy many of them ourselves, but Enchanted Conversation is not about any of those genres and you will waste our time and yours by submitting anything in those genres.

You haven’t scared me off yet, so what else do I need to know if I wish to submit?
If you wish to submit, please do the following:
1) Read everything on this page even remotely related to submission theme.
2) The fairy tales we want to expand upon were not, for the most part, produced after 1900.
3) Fiction written from the point of view of minor or secondary characters has a good chance of succeeding in this publication.
4) Do understand that writing a fairy tale is not some easy little bit of a lark that anyone can do. People often say that about children's books, and romance and mystery novels. They are wrong. If you don't respect the genre, please don't submit.
5) We are most eager to publish work by new writers.

6) Responses to submissions will take up to 60 days.
Anything else?
Calling this publication Enchanted Conversation was no accident. We want readers to fall under a spell -- one that keeps them coming back. So it is most important that you read fairy tales -- lots of them. You must read actual tales before submitting. What's more, you would do well to go beyond the bowdlerized, goody-good and/or politically correct versions and read the older versions of stories like our first theme story.
1) Do understand that a sense of transformation is essential to fairy tales. The main character must be new in some significant way by the end of the story.
2) Endings should be uplifting, but they definitely do not need to be "happily ever after." By uplifting, I mean to say that even if sad events transpire, we still get a sense of rightness and joy about the human experience in any work you send us.
3) Please, no you-go-girl, faux-self-esteem movement stories. Modern twists are great, and of course the princess can save the prince in your story. Just don't make it preachy. Also, chick-lit tones for characters and dialogue aren't really our thing either. Finally, funny is really hard to do. We love to laugh, but snark and sarcasm aren’t what we are looking for.
4) Read fairy tales. Read them, fall into them, and let them engulf you. That really will help your chances of getting published. We can spot a true fairy tale lover quite easily.
5) Of course, your hero or heroine can be from any country, any race, and any background. Your story just needs to have magic, transformation, and a reasonably positive ending.

Finally, you really need to read EC before submitting!

Kate Wolford, Editor,

Enchanted Conversation (fairytalemagazine.com)



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